As a Sydney-based photographer with roots in Dublin, Ireland, my artistic journey is deeply rooted in the vibrant tapestry of street and urban photography. My passion lies in capturing the essence of urban landscapes and the unique stories of those who inhabit them.

My photographic narrative has been recognized and showcased in various editions of Docu-Magazine, and my works have been exhibited at esteemed venues such as the HUW Davies Gallery in Canberra, Australia, among others. 

My series “Impermanence”, a testament to the transient yet impactful moments of city life, earned the prestigious 2023 Digital Portfolio Award from the Canberra Photographic Society (CPS).

That same year I was honored with a nomination for the CPS Photographer of the Year and celebrated the shortlisting of two of my works for the coveted CPS Image of the Year award. 

I am open to collaborations and commissions. Contact me by email or DM me on Instagram to enquire about either. Prints of my work are available on a limited basis, more details available from the prints page in the nav bar above. 
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